Do I Dare to Sneeze?

I had a rough start for my life. My mother almost had a miscarriage, there was some complications in my birth so I was in IC for couple days and I almost died as a baby. I'm sure those 3 incidents made my parents overprotective. Every little flu was taken dead-seriously, even if I sneezed my mother was already trying my forehead to feel if I had a fever. It was so frustrating sometimes! My big brother was basicly able to do whatever he liked, but my every move was examined carefully. But I can't blame them, they were just desperate to keep me alive.

Fennella Fennella
31-35, F
4 Responses May 25, 2008

I can totally relate.....zipped up muffled up and kept right away from cliff edges, which really frustrated me~ did she think I'd be so stupid as to jump off?!! I knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to get THAT close, instinctively! I nearly died at birth too....

It's really tough for parents to not be protective of their children. I have the philosophy that it's good to let a child experience the world, even when that means experiencing a certain amount of danger and risk. Yet, as a parent, that's a lot easier to say than to do.

My mum was like that with me for the first few years of my life as I used to have convulsions which scared her. The first one I had she thought I was dead so naturally she did everything she could to prevent me having another one...

It does suck that you had to live under such sheltered conditions. But I am glad you are alive as much as anyone else in your life is. The important thing is that you do not hold it against your parents like so many do. You are a very understanding person and I admire that.