Mommy's Little Girl

I'm the Youngest in my Whole Family
I have 7 cousins the oldest is 30 and the Youngest is 19 , My sister is 20 , my Brother is 21 and I'm 15 :)

So basically this explains it all ..EVERYONE was super super Protective over me. I never got to do anything
I never really had any friends to play with outside school
if I would go to the swimming pool they'd draw an imaginary square for me lol that I wasn't allowed to move out of Even though I could Swim in the whole pool and they'd get a chair and sit and watch over me
I wasn't allowed to talk to strangers I know this happens with all kids but I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone Not Even my Brothers friends even Kids my age

because they did everything for me they'd Just tell me to stay back , I was never allowed to do anything not even go to the supermarket which was Right in front of our house. I never even did any chores in my life hahaha because they're scared I'll hurt myself
I had very little social skills even though I used to do gymnastics and meet a whole bunch of people everyday
Candy1211 Candy1211
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2012