And it was very vivid. I dreamt that he had a new girlfriend and she was so beautiful. The dream is so vivid I can see her, his hands on her waist, her hair straight, shoulder length, a very very sweet face and wearing a church-glass pattern kindda dress. She is so tall and model-like and beautiful. I feel ashamed. I feel like an orge. Only a girl that beautiful deserved him.
In my dream I can feel my heart drop and I can see the caption saying," My quarter gf.' Idk what it means. I so badly wanna stalk her but i stop myself. The pain was real. wow, dream!

I had a call from an old friend that I have always wanted to call but didn't because we don't have anything in common anymore. She told me her sister has got a place in my old school and had asked me to help her out. she even told me about someone with the same address as me winning a lucky draw or something, lts of money.

I was in my shower singing that opening song from tangled at the top of my voice still thinking about the above. trying to distract myself but theres a sharp pain in my heart. and my sister is downstairs watching planet of the apes.

fuglygirlonthebench fuglygirlonthebench
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That's a pretty cool dream. I realize it's painful in nature, but you have a very vivid, and creative mind, to have come up with such a wild adventure. I've never dreamt captions for myself, that I can ever recall.

yes...and it's funny when my friend tell me something and i was shocked when it all came from me? how can i be shocked. the caption is like on a instagram or fb photo, something like that....i am shocked how vivid it was.