The Michael Jackson, A Week Before His Death Vision

Hi my name is derek. i was 27 when i had this vision. for one im not a real big Michael jackson fan. but my family loves him. well any way. one day a week before his death. i was setting in my bed. then it happen. i seen people in the streets of, what look like New York. with Michael jackson accessories on them. i did'nt understand it at first. i also seen signs in there hands. one of the signs had the word A.I.D.S. on it. hmmm. them i notice the look on the peoples faces. it was a sad look. then it hit me. these people was standing out side, in this line due to his illness.
the vision was not to direct. for one Michael did not die of a.i.d.s. i also so seen a blood drive van in the background. NOW!!! pay attention to the signs of the of the vision. it was trying to tell me that Michael was going to die of a illness. Unless. some time after is death, people got together,and gave blood. i never looked into the whole blood drive thing. to see if really happen. i didnt have a tv in my apartment at the time. but look at the symbols in the vision. people sad and mourning. the sign one guys had of michael face. also signs with his name on it. the van that said, give blood. also the other sign that said A.I.D.S. plus the people waiting in line to give blood. the line was just to show you, people was mourning his death. so when you put it all together. it saids Michael will die of a illness. but what will it be? i only told so many people this. thank you for sharing you time with me.
DeLyrical DeLyrical
Jan 9, 2013