Brought Back With Music...

Today I was sitting on my couch, working on some photo edits for a project, and I was listening to a playlist online, and a song by Duke Ellington came on. As I was listening I felt like I was transported back somewhere long the 30s or 40s.

I felt like I was in some dark, very smokey old bar with very dim lamps that cast a sort of eerie glow, and that music just kept playing. And I felt like I was dancing close to a tall man, very close, almost embracing. It was like I could feel the texture of his brown suit against me and the musty smell of his clothes. It was a very intense feeling of desire and the love of dancing to that type of music.

I kind of snapped out of the trance and had a really sad longing to dance with someone like that.
tinybows tinybows
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2011