Ok, so out of the blue, this guy writes me and asks if I am lonely enough to do ANYTHING to keep a man from leaving me.......
I reply, "No, I am not." I then explained I would never lower myself to be afraid of loneliness and be so desperate that I would do anything to prevent being alone.
The strange person began saying that women are fragile and need to be protected and taken care of, so why wouldn't a girl/woman do anything to keep a man?
I told him he is absolutely nuts, and I value my freedom to live my life my way. I reminded him that any man who craves dominating another human being is a very weak person and does not deserve respect.
This nut then replied, "If you are so jealous of a man's strength, why don't you have a sex change operation?" I almost fell out of my chair with laughter!
I then informed this nutjob that he has picked the wrong person to play with..................and I blocked him.

'Nuff said.......................
Chanrhu Chanrhu
51-55, F
Aug 22, 2014