So, I had quite an eventful dream last night haha
There were naked men I washed with sponges :D
I was back in Curitiba, Brazil.
I Lost my Beats headphones and went looking for them in Blockbuster, god knows why :'D haha

Any deep meanings you can read out of that?
chrisisyourfriend chrisisyourfriend
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Sounds very strange. Maybe the lesson is, dont lose your headphones? Maybe

Hahaha I lose everything :/

Dont we all, disorganization is my life lol

Yeah. Funny thing is every time I clean up, I can't find my stuff anymore ...

IKR!! its crazy!! Thats why i keep it a mess lol. And also cuz im lazy at times

Yeah... I'm lazy as FRACK!! Haha but I like to know I'm living in a clean space 😄 so I do it... Once a week.... Fortnight...Month... Year...pff don't judge me! Haha

Dont worry bro i have no room to talk when it comes to lack of cleaning

If you could only see the state of my flat right now, man...
To be fair, I steamed E-VE-RY-THING today haha I'm proud of it! 😁

You live in Birmingham? Thats so kool!!! Thats the homeplace of Ozzy Osbourne

Haha Birmingham is pretty cool :D
But I'm not really from around here. So, I don't know anyone really :( but I will as soon as I... Go outside a little bit :P

R u saying u spend your days indoors lol?!

Lol not exactly. I just don't know anyone apart from my neighbour and college doesn't start until Sept haha
(i'm only getting Maths and Eng GCSE's)
Where are you from?

Birmingham Al, USA!! lol

Two Birminghams haha

LOL hahaha we're awesome!!! :D

Yup! Anyway thanks for being nice in the story i wrote im dure you'll find your girl too :)

You're welcome.
I'm bi, though 😜 could also be a boy. I thought you could have seen that from my dream haha

I have no gaydar lol i wont know unless you tell me. But hey i dont judge and yea it could be a boy! Idc what u are, ur still awesome

And yes two Birminghams!! We is both awsome!!!!

Hahah we both DA BOM!
Lol but my dream about "washing naked mean" probably set of everyone's gaydar.
Haha thanks for not judging and being awesome ! 😁

Ur welcome and i know i need to get my gaydar fixed lol

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