I had the weirdest dream ever. I jst accepted that i was bi. And i had met the perfect guy for me he had brown hair blue eyes and very hot. So my mum and i jst moved in to a new house and our neighbors had jst moved in to their house like a week ago. So the guy and his mum came to welcome us to the neighburhood and the guy invited me over to play some video games and we where playing nintendo wii and he trip on something and fell ontop of me and we looked into each other's eyes and i felt a spark andd then he kissed me, i smiled and then i pushed him off of me then i stormed out of the room and said let's speak of it again. Then a couple of days later he came over to apologize and i was in the swimming pool and i accepted the apologie and invited him in. Soon after my mum said that she was going grocerie shopping. So i was swimming with the guy and we kissed again. This time we wnt up into my room and continued kissing we almost had sex but i heard my mum opening the door and i stoped him. Then after a few days we started dating and a couple of years later we came back from a party drunk and we we arrived in he's appartement and we had sex.

The dream felt so real as if it was bound to happen
DCK1309 DCK1309
16-17, M
Aug 18, 2014