Weird Nightmares

Last night, I woke up with an image of a thin woman with long white hair staring down at me from my head. It wasn't exactly like a physical thing. It was like lightning flashed in front of me and there she was. With that sole image, I woke up with my 8-year old, aka Raspberry, hugging me and trying to sleep as close to me as possible.

I asked her the next morning what happened and she said she had a nightmare about a tall, thin lady with long black hair. She said the lady was making her eat something and there was a guy with her. Raspberry says she refused and woke up scared.

Now, my other daughter, Blueberry, is scared of footsteps in the hallway. I look and there was nothing there. Blueberry has closed all the doors in the room and turned the lights on even in broad daylight.

This is all so weird.
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 22, 2013