I Didnt Even Get His Name

I had a history teacher who was so weird it was very funny. He only taught the the final year, the first time he walked into our class he didn't bother to greet us he just started with what he was supposed to teach this is how our first lesson with him went:
 teacher: (walks into class) first lesson class ottoman empire, open Ur books

student: u haven't told us Ur name yet 

teacher: i have been teaching this school for nine years if u don't know my name just call me whatever u want

students: (smiles and frowns from some)

teacher: take down notes (starts dictating notes very fast)

me: slow down, i cant hear what Ur saying

teacher: (comes really close to my desk and speaks in very low  voice) suffer silently, u will soon realize the beauty of silent misery

then the lesson went on with very few people understanding what he was saying and just pretty much not listening to him and doing their own things

teacher: if u don't want to listen to me u can leave....

students: (starting to get up)

teacher: ....through the window, i will personally help to throw u out!

students: (sit down and start laughing)

 after that weird first lesson the rest got more weird and through out that year he didn't tell anyone his name.

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Hillarious :)

lol he was the funniest guy ever!!