Weird and Scary

A while ago I had this dream. It was basically what I've feared for years... that he came back to get me like he told me he would. In this dream, he comes to my house with friends and girls and holds me hostage and I manage to text my fiance to come home from work and save me but day fades to night and he never comes. And there's a lot of bad stuff going on and I'm in this forced three way and he's doing something to this girl and I am face to face with her and I'm trying to comfort her and then I realize it's me. Me years and years ago.

And I woke up and I was so scared and I couldn't sleep that night for the fear of having it again, or worse, waking up to the real thing, which is silly because he's in jail.

sugarburn sugarburn
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Sorry I gave you a chill honey! *hugs*<br />
God, men like that, I always hope there are very few of them but it seems like they are everywhere :(. I'm so sorry you had to have a guy like that. Can I ask what happened?<br />
And what you said about the nightmare being over physically but it just always comes back and its still in your mind, that is so like how I feel. Sometimes when it really gets a hold of me I just lay in bed, awake, staring for hours at the door waiting for him to walk through it. And I know he cant becuase he's in jail, but its this thing that happens, when bad things touch your life, it changes, and now all the bad things are possible in your mind. I don't know. lol

OMG! Are you serious? That sounds just like my ex-boyfriend! Telling you that he would come back for you. <br />
<br />
Haunting you! Through daydreams and fantasies, nightmares, and recollections! <br />
The nightmare is over physically, but it still lingers in your mind! When it's dark and the night has you slumber.....unaware of the dreams to come *shiver*<br />
<br />
Oooh sugar baby, your story gave me a chill!! lol