The Worms

in our shower, there were w*rms. When I was a teenager, they started to come in the tub. Some were thin as a hair, some bigger...I had to watch them as I took a shower...I resorted to using the faucet outside..I had nightmares years after...
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OMFG! This I can't imagine.
I am so sorry for this.
I am literally sick to my stomach just picturing it...Dear lord!

*hugs and cuddles you*

Id love to hug and cuddle you! Oh sorry I go gay on you again! :D

No worries there :) (hehe, a little flattered here)

Love is love and I appreciate your warm expressive nature dear lady.
You are an Artist and a very Creative woman.
You are a Treasure.

Please write this down or whatever mantra helps you and print it, or draw it or whatever.
Then post it on your bathroom mirror! It is a great place to read 'pick me up' truths :))

Thank know I think you're cutttte!

And I think you are amazingly exotic, porcelain like, almost ethereal in your countenace! :)

(We have to creat a world for us special people :)))
Oh wait, we are doing just exactly that, by being true to who we are, by speaking our truth and just BEING :D

boy you have a charming a vampire about to pounce


who little ole me :D?....

ok a boobie squish hug for good measure and butterfly kisses to seal the deal..(what deal loz?!)

sorry, as i get tired, my inhibitions just fall away *blush*...LOLz

your words and energy are inciting me ;) .

I'm uh..gonna go eat! Feels weird to be romanced by a girl...teehee

I know we are definitley 'BI *extra* LIGHT* :D ROFL!!!

Night night dear :)

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It was hard and to this day I don't like baths. The house was falling apart and I guess they came in from behind the walls of the tub somehow or from the drain. I am deathly afraid of those things. And I can't believe I even had this experience.