Couldn'y Been Better

I woke up this mornin and looked around I couldn'y see Skye or feel her next to me in the bed,then I heard some mumbles comin from under the duvet.I lifted it up and found Skye talkin away under the duvet.

I asked her had she finally gone mad, she said no sweetheart,I was just talkin to the "wee beeb", and what have you been tellin wee beeb?

she said I was tellin her how her Mammy's met, I said oh aye, and what makes you think wee beeb is a girl? just a feelin says she.

I didn'y think it was possible for me to love this woman anymore than I already do but lookin at her talkin to my tummy { my flat tummy by the way I don'y look pregnant yet} just filled me up.

She looked up at me with her sleepy head and her hair all messy she looked so cute, I just smiled at her and told her I love her.

She turned back to my tummy kissed it and said ma wee beeb I have to go now, your mammy needs a cuddle.She moved back up to where I was and just held me in her arms.

I love her so much and have never felt so safe or so at home in the arms of anyone else.

We had a walk on the beach and went for breakfast.It has just been a wonderful mornin and I wanted to share it..Hope everyone has a good day!

annabellef annabellef
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 16, 2009

thanks, I'm very lucky to have her!

very beautiful- im so happy for you!