One day, our grandparents told us we had to leave by 7:00 in the morning to go to an out of state funeral. Me and katie decided to get up at 5:30 so we would have plenty of time. When she shook me awake in the morning, it was 6:30. We were late. Katie suggested we took a shower together to save time. I had to agree and we gathered up our toiletries and headed to the bathroom. She strìpped no problem and got into the shower and turned it on. I took my time and got in a minute later covering myself. She never did. Eventually I had no choice but to uncover myself and start bathing. Her body would eventually touch mine and my dićk would grow. Eventually I had a full hard on and it poked her all the time in the small shower. I dropped the soap and bent down to pick it up. I was face to face with her asś. I said nice àss. She said nice dìck. I quickly covered my ďick with the soap out of midesty. She said she needed the soap and grabbed for it. She grabbed my balls instead. I fell to the ground in pain while she comforted me. Eventually I got up and contunued to bathe until she started to shampoo her pubic hairs. I quickly got a hard and I quickly got out of the shower and went into our room. I cried because I knew I shouldnt have been attracted to my cousin in that way. She came in and told me it was ok. Boys at my age tend to get aroused at everything. I was glad she understood and was not creeped out. Ever since then, I would remember her àss and mastùrbate to it.
logaann logaann
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014