Another day, our grandparents took me and katie camping. We each had our own tent. There were no bathrooms so we all had to use the forest. In the morning, I saw katie go out of her tent and into the woods. It never occured to me she was just going to the bathroom. I really had to go too so I asked to go with her. She didnt seem to mind so we walked for a while until katie decided we had gone far enough. She took off her pants and panties, squatted down, and peed. I had to go number 2 ;-) so I did the same and shiƄed. She just starred at me. I wipped with some leaves and katie just stood there waiting for me. I wasnt really embarrased after the shower incident. It kind of turned me on to see her pee.
logaann logaann
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014