Katie took a shower in the private stall while I sat naked on a bench. When she was done I would go shower and she would wait out here. She wanted all the guys to notice her. When she was done, she stepped out without a towel and helped me up. She said it was my turn and smacked me on the buťt as I headed towards the private showers. She just sat on the bench playing on her phone. Her legs were spread ajar so all the guys could see her vàgina. She even reported some taking pictures. She pretended not to notice. She was a pretty girl, with an hourglass figure and no acne. She had had many boyfriends. I was a little on the cubby side with a few persistent pimples. When I stepped out and walked over to her all the guys scattered away. We hugged and had a snack right in the locker room. I would even somtimes see how many grapes I could fit into her hole. Then we passed them out to all the guys who sucked on them for a few minutes before swallowing. Then, we went into the communal showers. We lathered up and she asked a teenage boy to soap her up. He of course agreed and lathered her up. He spent a lot of time on her ťits and vàgina. She even organismèd and he cummed. Lots of guys took pictures. No one asked her to leave. I knew the next day it would be my turn.
logaann logaann
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014