Katie walked into the girls locker room the next day. I waited until no one was looking before I went in there. Luckily we were the first ones in there. Me and katie strìpped and just like last time I went into the private shower while katie waited. She said she would signal me when a lot of girls started coming in. I showered for a little bit and tried to keep my erećtion. I did not want to go out there with a soft ďick. She gave me the signal and I took a deep breath and walked out there. Katie gave me some makeup for my acne so I would look better. She also said to strut out there with confidence and to not be modest since I didnt know anyone there. So that's what I did. I walked out there like I belonged there. The girls in the locker room all just stared at me. Some were nakèd in the shower and some were just half nudè. I sat next to katie, squeezed her ťit, and said your turn. Katie went into the private shower and I decided to do somthing daring. I walked up to a teenage girl and asked her to put sunscreen on me. "All over?" She asked. I said yes, all over. She agreed and squirted some lotion into her hands. She started at my shoulders and worked her way down. When she came to my ďick, she squirted a LOT of sunscreen on her hands and started to rub it. "Dont want this to burn" she said. All the other girls were just gaping at this girl feeling up a naked boy in the girls locker room. Some took out phones and snapped pictures. I even cummeď but the girl just rubbed it in along with the rest of the lotion. Katie came out of the shower and gave me a thumbs up. The girl asked me to turn and did my back side along with my àss. When she was done I thanked her and sat back down. Me and katie had a snack and she stuck grapes into my aśs like I did to her and we passed them out. The girls ate them. The girl who put sunscreen on me was ńaked and stopped in front of us. She bent down and said "stuff some in there" I was a little shocked but did. When it was full she asked if I was hungry. I said yes and she said partake of my fŕuit. I did and it tasted good. She posed for me and I took pictures. She stayed with us for the rest of the day.
About a half hour later, a women walked up to us in a bikini with a little girl also in a bikini. She thought what I was doing was very inappropriate especially to her little girl. I was speechless until katie saved me. She said "what? Has your little girl never seen a ďick before?" I bent down to the little girl and said she could touch it. Her eyes lit up and before her mother could pull her away, she rubbed my ďick and actually made me come. The women walked away in disgust while the little girl smiled at me.
Me and katie went into the public shower and I picked out a little girl to help me with my soap. She was about 6 or 7 and seemed to be with no one. She said sure and started to lather me up. I cummèd on her but she just kwpt rubbing away.
It was the best experience of my life
logaann logaann
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014