Katie said while our grandparents were still out, she was going to invite some friends over. I said ok. She then suggested we could play truth or dare and have some fun. So I agreed to play with them. She invited two girls, lily and beth. They were both pretty girls with great bodies. Katie didnt want to raise suspicion so she said she would signal me when they were going to play. When the signal came I casually came downstairs and asked what they were doing. They said truth or dare so I joined. We did mostly truths for a while until I asked lily truth or dare. She said dare. I dared her to take everyone in the room's clothes off using only her teeth. She had to do it and soon we were all nuďe. Then we all agreed to only do dares to keep it interesting. I was still staring at lilys and beths ńudity. Thier legs werebt spread but their ťits were out there. I started to get hard and they giggled. Lily then dared me to orĝanism beth with only my tounge so I got down, beth spread her legs and I went to work. After a while her juices came and they tasted salty. I kept working and eventually I cummèd all over her. She started panting and gasping until her hips thrust forward. Beth then dared me to reasonably stick somthing in every girls ĥole and my àss. I found a protracter for katie, a pen for beth, and a ping pong ball for lily. The girls with thier objects scoured around until they settled on 4 pencils rubber banded together. Lily told be to bend over and she shoved thd erasers in. I felt invaded and then realised I couldnt sit. That mustve been the reason for this choice. My ďick and bálls wouldnt be hiden for the rest of the night.
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Ah, now I understand... limited gene pool where you live. mx://

Sure, why not