An Affair 5 Years Strong

I have been having an affair with a married man for 5 years now, longer than I have been married. It's a fantastic relationship based on a strong friendship, shared views on life and total honesty. Both our other partners are aware of our affair and as long as we are honest with everyone we are all happier for the experience.

He's my best friend, a great lover and I don't doubt that my life, and my marriage are stronger for being so close to him. He has taught me to open up about everything and how to love not only myself but others. Without my affair with this married man I wouldn't have fallen in love with my husband.

I think there has always been an unspoken rule to not fall in love with each other, and I have finally admitted I am in love with him. The 'in love' emotions have made things a bit difficult on my part... but i still love my husband and we have a great marriage and I would never break up anyone else's marriage, nor my own.

I know this affair will keep going strong and I know our friendship will last through anything.

Happy, healthy, married and having an affair!
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Yea Hun, you are polyamorous or a hot wife or something. This is not an affair. Sounds hot though- please allow me to enjoy your sexual satisfaction vicariously!

It isn't an affair if both your partners know, and they are consenting to it.

If you people are afraid of comittment and loving one person and being devoted to that person. Get a divorce and go out and have all the 3-ways and sow all your wild oats and stick with fornication instead of committing adultry because marriage is cosidered Holy Matramony and you're defiling it. Do you not have any morals, or standards, or consciences? Or did you foget about the vows you took when you all got married? What happened to them?

Not everyone who is married buys into this Christian bullshit.

is that right? That piece of paper does something to people. Every time a couple gets one, they break up and go back to living with each other. Afraid of commitment! Admit it! Insecure, admit it!

I never said nothing about sacred matrimony! I\'m just saying why can\'t you commit yourself to just one person. If you can just love and care for one person, you\'re doing good, let alone being faithful to two. Liar, liar, pants on fire...LOL

A disaster waiting to happen! You people brag about affairs as if it's something to be proud of when you should hang you heads in shame. What do you expect? To receive an award for honor, trust and comittment? Give me a damn break! On a scale of 1 to 10 you're all 0's! All of you will have your day in the sun and believe me you all will get burnt!

Three words: Get a life.

I have a life coofac! I'm not like some people and need 2 or 3?

oh yeah, bty! looking at your pic , you probably have 9 lives and 1 in waiting lmao

Why is he a douche? He's voicing his opinion...which is just that his opinion. Everyone is judgemental even the ones who say they aren't. I know I struggle with it AND I'm a Christian however I don't live in a glass house and am a sinner like everyone else in the eyes of God. Again my comments are just my opinion and in the grand scheme of life don't matter one bit...except to those who value it.

I'm with you on this one Caramelicious. To each his own. Being the morality police is just not right. I can only speak for what I feel is right in my life.

Call me what you want to "Morality Police" sounds good to me. Some of you people having these open affairs and the broadcast them on the internet must have low self esteem, very low standards and very low morals. I sure hope you don't have children and are setting an example for them and I'm sure if your parents knew what you are doing they would be ashamed of you.

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Is your husband an old man and are you having an affair with a younger man??

kinda like getting in an other persons car. you love the way it feels, the way it rides and the fact that its different. its not dull its a stick shift.

This is a wonderful confession. I wish I had this situation right now. Congratulations for having your cake and eating it too. I fantasize having A sexual relationship with a close friend of my husband's and mine. I've told my husband, he doesn't want to share me. I've told my friend and he doesn't want to destroy his family. Neither do I. But I would never take him away like that. I just love being with him, and all of us together. And at the end of the day, sometimes I want to have crazy hot sex with him, then go home.

Why do you need an affair if you're relationship is healthy? Here's the thing: could you be happy with either man just by himself? Or do they each have different qualities you can't live without? Any man a woman has sex with, she's eventually going to fall in love with. And then the problems arise.

great work, very difficult to coop with situation

I think that's great. What a beautiful respectful relationship you have all together

Uhhhh . .. .what?? I'm sort of flabbergasted that "both your partners" know about your relationship. Can you clarify? Does/did your lover have an "open" marriage when you met him? Did your husband know about the affair before he married you? Does he get to have an affair too? I'm so confused!