Affair Started When I Was Married Too...

....but now I am "single" and he stayed married. We only get together once a month now, if that, since I have started dating someone else it isn't as good for me. Plus it has been 6 years since we started. It's still pretty passionate though, and he does bring out something very deep and wild in me that no one else has ever done. I would do whatever he asked of me, even if it risked us getting caught in a very comprimising position! Which was one of his favorite things to do....I cannot tell you how many times we could have been arrested...literally arrested and thrown in jail!
As exciting as this was when I was married, it definitely wasn't so great after I got a divorce and wanted a real boyfriend. I hope other women will think seriously about ending their affairs, if he is still married and you are not...and if you want a real relationship this will keep it from happening for sure. Even if he leaves his wife and marries you, you will be starting out with a black mark on your relationship. People will find out and you will be ashamed. He may even cheat on you next!
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Sounds as if something was missing in his marriage that you replaced. I think the best thing to do was to end it.
There are so many married people who are lonely and sexless with their spouse.....although they are in love with them...they are just lonely.....
I am a member of a forum and most of the people there are just lonely and looking for friendships. I've made many friends there around my age and friends here too. It helps to talk about it. Good luck in your future hunnie.