7 Years, 3 Men, A Fling, A Relationship, And Something . . .

Over the last 7 years I have had ups and downs in my marriage. We've been married for over 25 years now, and I do love my spouse but I have rediscovered what it is like to maintain a marriage while getting it on the side. Now know that for me, I can't be with multiple men at the same time. I can be with my husband for while and when he's too busy, to occupied, and I am not feeling sexual with him, I can have a fling. I also discovered that a fling is dangerous as I feel in love with another man. We had an on going affair and I almost got caught. And now . . . I 'm trying to decide to either be with my husband or pursue a sexual fling that I really enjoyed. Darn, sometimes being liberated is hard.

About 7 years ago where I worked, I'm an accountant, in a small business a sale rep for a company that we sold equipment for would come by. Troy was a wonderful looking man, married with children the same age of my children and he was my age. It started innocently as I agreed one day to go to lunch with Troy. At lunch we talked about everything and it was nice to receive attention from a man who I wasn't married to. Well, the fourth time we went to lunch Troy had me sit in the booth and then instead of sitting across from me, he sat next to me. We started talking as usual and then I caught Troy just starring at me. His hand came to my face and touched my cheek and then let his hand trail down my cheek bone, down my neck and touched my cleavage that I had showing on purpose. "Your so beautiful Lindi" was his reply as he leaned into me and his lips gently touched mine, kissing me. Troy pulled back and my emotions flared as did a hidden flame inside of me and I reached over and with both hands pulled his head back to mine and kissed him long, hard, while inserting my tongue into his mouth. Troy responded and we kissed for a couple of minutes. Troy then looked at me and asked me nervously "Want to go to my hotel room?" I had always been faithful to my husband, and Troy and I considered ourselves religious but we felt alone and I responded with an eager "Let's Go."

Troy and I left the restaurant and drove to his hotel room. Once we entered the hotel Troy's left hand brushed my right hand and I took his hand and we went to the room holding hands. I liked his touch. Troy opened the door, letting me enter first and then he followed. Immeditely in the room, I turned and hugged Troy and began to French Kiss him with an eagerness of desire I hadn't felt in some time. Troy responded and he removed my blouse and bra quickly and began to fondle my breasts. "Oh, they feel so good" Troy said. I have wonderful breasts and like to show cleavage to turn men on. It felt good to have Troy fondle my breats and we continued to kiss. I removed Troy's shirt, pants and underwear and he stood naked as I noticed his penis was rock hard. I went to touch Troy's penis and testicles but Troy stopped me, and undressed me, and led me to the bed.

At this point Troy stopped me and we embraced naked, and began kissing again. I felt Troy's hands and body shaking a little and asked "Are you sure?" Troy replied "I want you so badly, I need this so badly." I knew that Troy's wife hadn't been into him sexually of late and at that point I lowered my hands to his testicles and began to play with his balls. Troy moaned the instant my fingernails and finger tips touched him. He led me to the bed and we laid down on it, and Troy now kissed my lips, then my neck, then he began to spend the next fifteen minutes sucking my breasts and nipples, making them hard and erect while he also fingered my vagina. I played with his balls and penis during this time and several times moved to give him a blow job and Troy stopped me. By the end of the fifteen minutes I was aching with pure desire. My decision was made at the restaurant to cheat this day on my husband. Both Troy and I loved our spouse and wanted to remain with them so we were safe to screw in each of our minds.

My vagina was soaked, my breasts and nipples were so stimulated that I could feel an ****** beginning inside of me. Troy was on top of me and so I spread my legs and guided his hard penis inside of my vagina. "Oh that is good" I said as Troy drove his penis deep inside of me. I have to admit, he was no where as thick or long as my husband but regardless, it felt great to have a penis inside of me. Troy now continued to French Kiss me as he thrust his penis back and forth inside of me and as I squeezed and drew it as deep as it would go in me. I knew from experience that I would have to work with Troy to ****** from my g-spot, something my husband could do so easily with his tremendous manhood, but we worked it and it felt better and better to work with Troy on making love together. Suddenly I could feel the flush of redness in my breasts, working its way up my neck to my face and I knew I was on the verge of ******. It was good because I felt Troy's penis stiffen and harden and begin to throb as he prepared to *** inside of me. Troy moaned out "No condom." I replied "I dont' care, don't stop!" Suddenly Troy exploded inside of me and as he drove hard a few more times I erupted into several waves or pure pleasure.

Troy and I then held each other and talked a little. We agreed when he was in town we would go and "do lunch" and have some afternoon delight each day he was here. We made love again before I went back to work and I got him hard with a wonderful blow job. I have to admit, that night I came on to and made love with my husband and found out that my husband both sexually and emotionally really did turn me on. It was exciting though to have a lover, to have this fling. My fling with Troy lasted for almost 9 months before he finally quit his job and got a new one. Troy quit because he felt he either had to leave his wife and be with me, and he wanted me to have his baby and I was done having kids after having two. So Troy returned to being faithful and I, well you'll see. I will say though that everytime Troy and I made love, I screwed my husband that night and I loved having multiple sex in the same day by two different men that I felt an emotional attachment to with Troy, and who I really do love in my husband.

My next relationship was with a co-worker who was married also, and with who I talked all the time with. One day he invited me if I wanted to pick cherries at his house since he had a cherry tree and he knew I loved to eat cherries. I said sure and after work the next day went over with a bucket. He was there when I got there and Mark, told me his wife was out of town on business. Mark led me to the backyard which was secluded and to the cherry tree. There were plenty of cherries for sure and I started picking and Mark helped and we began to talk. Mark at one point told me he would love to see me wearing a thong and only a thong as I picked the cherries as he wondered what my naked breasts were like. Well, if he was so bold, and since no one could see, I simply put my half filled bucket down, undid my jeans, pulled off my jeans and panties, took off my shirt and bra and stood there naked before him.

Mark's jaw just dropped. Now realize, I am no model. I'm 5 foot six inches and weight around 165 lbs or so. I have a nice roll of fat under my belly button from having two kids but I am damn proud of my breasts and my sexuality. I know what I want sexually and I am a very, very outstanding lover. I walked over to Mark, grabbed his hands with mine, and put them on each of my breasts. "Want to feel them as well?" came my reply. Mark eagerly began to play with my breasts, and his mouth sought out my nipples and soon, I was extremely turned on.

Mark stopped at one point and asked me to follow him, as he picked up my clothes and I did. We entered the house, ending up in his bedroom. There he undid his jeans, took off his hat and tee shirt, and became naked. Damn, there was a long hard penis on Mark but it was thin not thick. I came over to Mark, kissed him, and then kissed down his chest, belly and finally to his ****. I begin to lick his shaft while my fingertips and nails played and teased on his balls. I then used the tip of my tongue on the top of his penis and on the opening, driving him mad with pleasure. After five minutes of teasing, of getting Mark so hard, I put his penis into my mouth and began to bob on his penis, letting him make love to my mouth. About a minute into this Mark's *** shot out of his penis and hit the back of my throat. It's saltiness was the same as any man and I began to suck his *** out of his penis until he was dry.

Next we went to his bed and there Mark went down on me and pleasured my **** and vagina with his tongue. Mark's oral sex was as good as my husbands' who is the best I had ever had. Mark gave me a **** climax and I shot my *** out of myself when I came. By now Mark was hard again and I had him get on top (I love the missionary position and being on top is my second favorite) and I guided his penis into my wanting vagina. His penis felt good, not great but Mark knew how to use what he had. He drove into me slowly, more slow than any man had and he only increased his tempo slightly as we made love. Mark like Troy was a kisser, but I like to watch the face of my lover and have them watch my face so we can tell what we both like. Mark kept up his consistent and slow pace and I matched his push with my squeezes and pulls which I could tell he liked. For thirty minutes Mark made love with me, and I felt my vagina and g-spot starting to ache for my climax. I began to squeeze Mark's penis and body more and he began to increase his speed. Suddenly I had multiple waves of pleasure shooting out from my vagina and I felt Mark's penis throb and then could feel his warm and fluid ***** shoot into me.

Mark and I continued to make love after work for the next 3 years whenever our spouses were gone or working late or whenever we could get a hotel room which is where most of our relationship happen. Our love making is like what I described and I grew to really care deeply about Mark, and Mark with me. I went away with my husband for our anniversary and the day before I left, Mark and I made love twice. As we were dressing I noticed that Mark's face was covered with tears. I asked him what was wrong. "Your going to make love with your husband aren't you?" "Yes" I said. We agreed we had to continue to make love with our spouses right?" "Yes." So I went and yes, I have to admit I made passionate, and wonderful love with my husband and we had a great time and fantastic sex. My husband is by far my best lover. Upon my return Mark wouldn't make love with me for about five days and then after we did on the fifth day Mark explained that he wanted us to be exclusive to each other. That was a shock. Mark and I agreed to use health issues to cut our spouses off and yes, this increased our own sexual encounters.

Well, we reached a point where we had broken one rule, never to get emotional involved too deeply as this was only about having sex. One day about four months ago, Mark after making love twice, told me he wanted me to leave my marriage, my family and come and live with him. He wanted me to divorce my husband and marry him. He would divorce his wife. That crossed the second rule we had agreed on, that if we ever wanted to ruin our families that we would end it. I reminded Mark of that, and then made love to him one last time, and then told him we had to end it. Mark's wife had accepted a promotion to a new city in the Pacific Northwest and I had accepted a new job at an accounting firm, so it was easy to end it. It was very hard also. I could live with Mark in some ways, but he was also lacking in several key ways. Besides, my husband who is very smart, was tracking me and was close to finding out the truth about me and Mark. If we had kept up the affair, my husband would have found out I fear and that would have ended the marriage and I do not want that.

So, now I have returned to being the good wife and I am making love with my husband once to twice a week. He's incredible and the emotional issues we've had, we've worked through with help and I don't see the need to cheat. However, on a weird note, my sister told me last week that she has a fantasy and has had one for 20 years of making love with my husband. I told her what he is like in bed, and her **** got hard and she told me my description made her wet wanting him. The only thing is she doesn't want to lose her husband but he can't get it up anymore and though committed to doing my husband, she has to make sure that her husband can't find out. Personally, I think it would be cool if my husband screws my sister and me in the same day, keeping it in the family. I approached my husband and he agreed and today, both kids (they are 21 and 20) are working all day so my sister has been at the house since 8:00a.m. and my husband and her have been screwing the whole time. She leaves at 5:00pm and then for dinner tonight, I am going to devour my husband. Now the question will be who is better in bed? Me or my sister who is and looks like a blonde 40 year old model. It will be weird to share my husband with my sister but in another way, I really am turned on by the thought and next time, my sister and I have already planned it, we are going to do a three some with my husband; my husband, me and my sister with my siste and I screwing him. Now that is going to be awesome.
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Im dying to know what happen, did you score the best or the newest of sister.. or was it a dead even? great story..Thank