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She would have looked so good tied up.

 I have had a major bondage fetish ever since I can remember and I loved to see women tied up and gagged. I have also had a fetish for long hair so I especially liked to see long haired women all tied up.

 My sister had the most beautiful long silky hair I had ever seen and eventhough I tried to resist the temptation because I found it revolting to think this way about my sister I found myself staring at her hair and dreaming of seeing her tied up. I was mesmerized by her hair. It was incredible! I was in love with her hair. 

 It really wasn't about her looks in the beginning although later on I started to realize how drop dead gorgeous and sexy she was. I wanted to tie her up, gag her and blindfold her because of her long beautiful hair. Pretty much any kind of bondage would do. I thought about rope, scarves, duct tape and even chains. I envisioned myself sneaking up behind her and handgagging her and feeling all that silky hair at the same time. Then I would wrestle her to the floor and then with rope (or anything else that would work) I would tie her hands behind her back. Then I'd tie her ankles together and then take a scarf and tie it around her head and all that shiny hair  and gag her with it. Then I'd stand back and watch her roll around on the floor struggling to untie herself. Maybe I'd blindfold her too just so I could get close to that hair again.

 I could never get up the nerve to initiate tying her up or even to ask her if I could tie her up. Maybe she would have liked it and wanted to be tied up regularly.  All my friends thought she was hot. I blew the chance once when my friend and I walked by her room and he said, "hey, let's tie her up!". Immediately I pictured us getting some rope, tackling her to the floor, her struggling and all that hair flying all over the place, then one of us holds her and hand gags her tightly while the other starts tying her hands behind her back and then we finish up by hogtying her and gagging her as she is trying to yell. But I didn't follow through because I was getting so excited just thinking about it that I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it.

That's the reason why I never ended up tying her up. I knew that I would not have been able to hide my arousal. I might have done something that would have shown how much pleasure I was getting from tying her up.

 The closest I came to tying her up was one night when she was dropped off by her boyfriend.  She was passed out cold on her bed. I stood there just looking at her lying there. She was wearing a very short skirt. She looked beautiful. Her beautiful long hair was all over the place. I could have done anything to her at that point and she never would have known. Alot of things ran through my mind. I was getting very aroused. I decided that I would tie her up and gag and blindfold her. I went and got some rope, came back in and stood there looking at her. I had a hard on and was very excited that I was finally going to tie up a girl. I thought about which way that I should tie her up. Should I tie her spreadeagled to the bed posts or maybe hogtied or maybe a simple tie such as hands behind the back with her ankles tied together? I was so excited I was shaking while I was stroking my rock hard penis. Then I chickened out. I knew it would be wrong to do anything to her without her consent and I knew that if I did finally did tie her up I would have done something to her I might regret. But boy, would she have looked great all tied up!! She never knew how close she came to getting bound and gagged by me.

She still has long hair so to this day I still want to tie her up! Maybe some day if we are alone I can descreetly bring up the subject of sisters getting tied up by their brothers for whatever reason and kind of hint around that I had always wanted to tie her up and regret not doing it at least once and see what she says. She just might say, "well little brother, it's never too late. If it will make you feel better then go ahead, get some rope and tie me up now". That would be a dream come true!

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I was inspired by your story and decided to not let such a wonderful opportunity slip by. I devised a plan and actually tricked my sister into allowing me to tie her up and gag her.

I had also been in your shoes of having my sister passed out cold in front of me in sexy clothes after a night of clubbing. I did not allow that opportunity to slip by either. I will spare the details (unless anyone would like to hear them), but long story short, she looks fantastic nude!

Dear Writer,<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your odd experience. Secret thoughts and hidden desires, no less than the most public actions, are experiences. Your sharing this one took some courage.<br />
<br />
On the other hand, you did the right thing, resisting the temptation to tie up your sister without her consent. What a desire! Unfortunately, you most likely missed your opportunity when you reached puberty, around age 12 or so. It's okay for a kid to tie up his babysitter, but once you reach puberty, you could probably no longer have tied up any girl without stirring your own sexual feelings. If that girl was your sister, those feelings would have been inappropriate. <br />
<br />
On the bright side, you could have---and probably still can---find a woman as attractive as your sister, that is, if you're still single. If you're married, you should be having no problem at all. <br />
<br />
For my part, I too have a "missed opportunity" to share. Years ago, I knew a Polish beauty named Krystina (pronounced like "Christina"). Having grown up in England, she spoke English with an English accent. Made of soft, warm, seductive curves, she was not by any means heavy, but rather plush and rounded, in her early thirties---a goddess with the face of an angel. <br />
<br />
I was flattered that such a pretty lady should fine me companionable, let alone worthy of her affections. But she wanted to get married. Not that she ever told me, but I felt it---and it scared me. In those days, I felt I still had to attain certain goals before I could marry anyone. Yet, I continued to go out with her because... well, she excited me. <br />
<br />
Before dropping off to sleep at night, I'd picture her bound and gagged in her little apartment. I'd picture myself as a masked intruder tying her up. She'd be sitting on the sofa in a dress and her nylon-stocking feet, her hands tied behind her back. Then I'd sit down on the floor in front of her and start talking. "How long have you lived here?" I'd ask. And so we'd pass some time in friendly conversation, I wanting to calm her down, assuring her that I wanted only money and had no intention of harming her---a lonely burglar desperate to talk with someone. <br />
<br />
In another fantasy, I'd tie her to a chair, roping her up from shoulders to ankles. "Do you really think you'll get away with this?" she'd ask, snapping her head around to glare up at me. I'd try my best, I'd reply. Or maybe, realizing that the roll of duct tape in my hand must have a purpose, she'd say, in that sexy English accent of hers, "I suppose it's time to shut me up." <br />
<br />
At points like that, I'd come, my member full and hard, my whole self plunging into multicolored ecstasy before I sank into slumber. Ah, Krystina!<br />
<br />
Now, here's the strange part. One day, when I asked her if she'd be available to meet at a certain time, she made the astounding reply: "I'm bound." <br />
<br />
Yes, that's exactly what she said: I'M BOUND.<br />
<br />
I could hardly believe my ears. I asked her again. She repeated the words, meaning of course that she couldn't make it at that time. But oh! To hear those words come out of her mouth---I almost died right there. <br />
<br />
They still take me aback. I'M BOUND. Only, it's not she's who's bound but I, bound in memories of her and just one regret---that I never asked her, "Krystina, may I tie you up?"