Abortion By Choice Or Force?

Abortion – Not a fair argument
I thought I made the choice at a youngish age (20) to terminate my pregnancy but in retrospect I wonder who really made the choice... Did I choose or did my mother telling me she didn't want me to have the baby and my best friend telling me she I had no choice - have an impact? Yes of course it did.  But that isn't what my story is about. 

Yes... I was alone.  I felt I had no choice.  I rang the number of a well known Hospital and with almost no questions they booked me in for an abortion appointment 4 days later. No counselling, no consideration time.  It’s just the way it was.

I arrived for my appointment and after hours in a waiting room I was called into preparation.  I was placed in a white gown and they came to rolled me into the theatre. 

I'll never forget that day... Not for the rest of my life. I was laying flat on my back and I started silently crying.  I saw the bright light above me, the tears starting rolling down my face and I started begging.  I said "please don't do this, no. I've changed my mind. No - please don't take my baby, please I don't want this.  I've changed my mind. Please. I was at the point of sobbing when I remember a nurse took my hand in hers, she held my hand and said "don't worry it'll all be over soon", someone held the mask over my mouth and I felt the needle ***** my arm - the last thing I remember saying is "no I don't want it to be over please don't do this".

I fell asleep crying and I woke up crying.  I cried for over two hours when I woke up without even realising why.  The nurses offered me a social worker when I woke up crying but I refused - it was too late.  Who was there to defend my rights when I was making the choice or more importantly when I begged at least 5 ppl in theatre not to go through with the procedure?

These days, it’s over 5 years on I work in a Hospital and I've learnt my rights.  The law clearly says that "Consent" needs to be written and signed to be legal but it also clearly states that a 'written consent' is immediately void by a verbal retraction.  Call me naive, but I'm pretty sure crying and begging "no I've changed my mind, please don't do this" counts as a verbal retraction and therefore void my "consent" to the procedure. 

This is where the issue lies...
The law states that someone has to be sound of mind etc to consent and therefore obviously retract consent and as a result it’s too easy for medical practitioners to say “they were under “anaesthetic and  not in control of their thoughts etc”.  I was in complete control.  After all, they have the control of our medical files not us.
I believe this is appalling.  I have flashbacks and nightmares about that day and I always will.  I remember begging for them to stop and the nurse telling me it would be over soon.  Please here me now when I saw that is NOT OK! And neither is it legal. 
I am by no means opposed to abortion, in some situations it is a viable opportunity and given the opportunity to have free choice I may have actually made that choice of my own free but at the time it was not my choice – unfortunately we will never know because that choice was removed from me. 
There needs to be some regulation.  I can’t stipulate that enough. And there needs to be some choice for us and more importantly we need some protection.  I’d like to say I’m the only woman who feels that she has suffered an abortion against her will but I am sad to say that I personally know of at least three other women who have experienced similar if not identical experiences.
SO what are we to do?
Personally I think there are multiple options the government could take in regard to this cause.
  • The first thing I would like to see implemented is a mandatory x3 counselling sessions per abortion. So we call make the right choice.
  • Government mandate post abortion GP/counsellor session
  • More supportive adoption systems
  • Implement the Pill Abortion (to save lives)
  • Video recording of procedures (until the patient is under to see if they change their mind)
  • Compensation of abortion/medical costs for girls at least under 18
I would seriously love to hear any other girls with stories who need to be heard.  I’d love to eventually set up my own website Please email me on Consetagainstmywill@gmail.com
Thanks, Love El
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That clinic should be sued. No matter when you said you changed your mind, they should've stopped immediately! That nurse should be fired as well as prosecuted.

Every time I hear about someone made to abort unwillingly, I am furious. People involved should be prosecuted. That shows it's big business where cash takes priority. We should have more safe shelters for pregnant women and modernize our antiquated adoption

Sorry I mean please email consentagainstmywill@gmail.com would love to hear your stories.

Sorry I mean please email consentagainstmywill@gmail.com would love to hear your stories.