Ever Asked Why Me

Some time ago I had an abortion and I feel guilty for doing so. I was young at the time that I became pregnant and was not working full time so I would have had time to look after a child. I did not feel as though I was old enough to have this child and I was told that there was a risk to my health at the time, if I was to go through with the pregnancy. I weighed up all the pros and cons of the pregnancy and chose to have an abortion. Now years later I have another child who is 16, do I tell her that I had an abortion or not. I feel guilty every day for doing this to a human life and there are so many people out there who can not have children, I could have had this child and given them up for adoption instead. Why do I feel so guilty all the time for something that was so long ago.

Yoyodo Yoyodo
41-45, F
Feb 22, 2009