I Had An Abortion This Week

i had a abortion the other day, and my guilt is tearin me apart, i knew it was for the best, i had the doctors and my close friends nd family tellin me that it was for the best because of my untreated medical condition, nd i could hav caused my baby nd my self seriouse damaged if i kept my baby,

the whole thing was horriable, nd i wish that there was more i could have done,

i feel guilty for gettin rid of my baby, and i feel guilty because of my medical condition, if i didnt have that things would have been alot more diffrent and i still would have gone through with my pregnancy even though iam jus 17, but i know is nothing i can do about it now, but its the thoughts in my head and heart that are hurting me so much

JamieAnnLee JamieAnnLee
18-21, F
6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hey :) my name is Roo. I read your story about having an abortion, and I know how you are feeling. There is help for you. There are crisis pregnancy centers willing to help you through this with love, respect, and support. If you want, I can help you find one in your area.

I can understand your feelings. I had a similar situation in my household. Fortunately a mind was changed and a baby boy was born and is now 10 yeArs old.

I understand you I had an abortion too I have the same pain as you

Hello, thank you for sharing your story. I pray that you are healthy now and are able to have a baby. If you can tell me, how are you now? are you feeling better? do you feel regrets? Thank you very much. Peace be with you.

I am here for you as well. I had an abortion and had all those feeling that you described. Sometimes in life there are things that we can't control like your medical condition. I know that surreal feeling that everyone is telling you to have one and for some reason your body just goes with the motion and before you know it you are at the clinic doing something that will change your life forever and you wished you said "NO" I am going to have this baby. But, the harsh reality is that you had it, and you need to find peace to forgive yourself. You'll feel better with time. If, you ever need to talk I will be here for you...

I understand exactly how you feel. I have been through the same thing. Write to me and I can possibly help you out with how you are feeling about all of this. You are such a young girl to have to deal with all of this guilt. Go to people and type in username yoyodo and you will find me there.