I am exactly one week post abortion tomorrow and it's just not getting any easier. The guilt is eating me up inside, I just want to scream and shout and tell the world what I have done! I found out I was pregnant and then a few hours later my Best friend found out she was too, we both decided for the babies sake as well as our own that it was best not to continue with the pregnancies. I was seven weeks gone when I found out, eight weeks when I had my first consultation and nine weeks when I had the procedure, I had a medical abortion and had braced myself for the worst possible pain and floods of blood, but it was not like that, the first half an hour after my second lot of tablets (The ones that make you bleed) was unbeliveable, I actually thought I was dieing, I was lay on the floor of the hospital screaming in pain pouring with blood and being sick but after that half an hour - Nothing, there was still bleeding but no pain. The staff at the hospital were really, really nice! I saw the feotus, not a pleasent experience! The emotional side of things is becoming unbearable now! x
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I actually reserched my decision and if you read my story properly you would have noticed that I had a medical abortion so my child did not scream (which would kind of been impossible anyway considering it's in a bag of amniotic fluid and would probably drown if it opened it's mouth!) or fought any instruments. I have just read a magazine article where a 13 year old girl was raped my a 53 year old man on many occasions then murdered her mum and as a result of this she fell pregnant, what would she have done if people like you actually got their own way? She would have had to carry the child round for nine months, the child of the man who stole her inocence and murdered her mother, then she would have had to parent this child while she was still a child herself with no parents! Grow up you insensitive small minded nasty vile idiot! Go and find some real life friends, friends who you can do normal things with insted of stitting on you computer all day verbaly attacking poor women when they are at a low point!

Who devotes this much time discussing something they clearly hate? It's crazy! And Markus, you ARE trash.

Maybe thats your problem don't give a """"!

Everytime Markus spanks it, he murders innocent lives too. HA HA What says Markus the killer now?

Markus you are narrow minded and for this a small person, I don't want your opinion, we are taking about you like trash because thats what you are. you opinion does not count as you do not have a womb so there for cannot have a valid point of veiw on this! You are a vile human being who is comparing themselves to God, from my past experiences I don't know if I fully belive in him, so your threats of him are worth about as much as your opinion is......NOTHING!

Markus...Please leave. I hope you can explain to GOD why you are trying to take his job of placing final Judgment on people. You support murder of the already I tire of trying to get through to you.

I was on birth control at the time of conception, I have never missed a pill, altough after talking to my Mum have found out that I was conceived while she was on the pill. I have my up's and my downs, feeling quite up right now! I know deep down that I made the right decision.<br />
Markus? As a man you will never experience what I have just been through, I will never know for certain just how my life would have turned out if I had kept my child, but I predict that It would not have been a good one, I am due to donate bone marrow to my brother, I would have not been able to do this had I have kept my child, I see my abortion as a sacrafice that had to be made, how could I bring a child into this world and let my brother die? I see it as looking after the people that are already in my life not bring more people into my life which would have made life extremley difficult for said people! I feel like I made the right decision, the next time I fall pregnant and I look at that little blue line? I want to feel happy I want to do this WITH my partner and nine months later I want to be able to bring my healthy child back to a happy loving complete home, which I was unable to do this time! <br />
Thank-you to everyone else!

Markus' comments speak volumes about his character. Someone who is that angry & radical is not worth listening to. He also thinks that the murder of Dr. George Tiller (an abortion provider) in his church was completely appropriate. He's so anti-murder but celebrates the murder of George Tiller? Sickening and a bit... crazy.<br />
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Daisy -- I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with this. It can be very difficult for the first few weeks after the abortion but things DO get easier with time. If you're feeling like your emotions are unbearable then I would suggest seeking out counseling. Many clinics offer resources to post-abortion counseling, you might want to think about contacting them.

The young lady feels guilty and we have a man--who will never be pregnant and thus will never have to make this decision--who says that he doesn't believe in forgiveness. That God does not forgive and that he has no patience. Damn. <br />
<br />
We have no idea about the circumstances of the pregnancy, but he condemns.<br />
<br />
God kills innocent babies too--but I guess that is acceptable.

Dear Daisy1990,<br />
<br />
I am terribly sorry for your loss and your baby. Ask the Lord to help you find your peace. I still seek peace from my own abortion 17 years ago and God led me to this site where there are so many other women just like me. God Bless you.

Markus!!!! I am going to assume u don't believe in God. This is a forum for women and men to seek counsel not malice. This poor woman feels guilt and is having trouble coping with that. You are very concerned with her actions and the fetus. You are obviously against abortion. But what if your comments to another woman on her lead her to suicide or to hurting herself? How would you feel about yourself? Would I call you a killer? maybe that was far fetched. But you are speaking to this person like she has no regret. You are kicking her while she is already down... what kind of person are you? I am sure there is some kind of pro-life forum you can go to and share your comments there. However, I think you will find them unwelcome there too. God will forgive those who are truly sorry. She is truly sorry for her abortion but you should also be sorry for your words that were so unkind. You can never say never until you have been there in that situation and had to make the choice. I read a story about a girl who was raped and had an abortion. She didn't "decide" to F***. She was forced to. She was a young teenager. I was on birth control when I got pregnant. I always said I could never have an abortion but I did. I have regret. But I won't let that ruin the rest of my life. I am going to children one day and I will love them come hell or high water. Please have a more peaceful mind. Maybe you can try offering support to those who are in the stages of considering an abortion. Try a more positive approach. I could have used someone like you in my time of need... minus the F bombs. :)

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Believe me, you will feel better (emotionally) soon. Just hang in there, sis, and you will see a better day.