One Week.

I actually have no had one yet, but I am scheduled to have one in 6 days. I will be having one by taking the pill. I'm 20 years old and I am so nervous and scared and I just want to know what I will be experiencing but I want to know people's personal experiences, not what the websites say. So if you have any advice, knowledge or anything,  I would really love to hear it.
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Don't do it,whatever you perceive yourself feeling afterwards emotionally will not be the way you want,it will eat atyou for the rest of yourlife. I'm not being judgemental just honest.

Dont do it I asked my wife at the time to do it not once but twice and it was the worst thing I had ever done or asked someone to do. It's a pain you live with for the rest of your life.

I chose surgical over the pill because I just wanted it over and done with, and I could be sedated. I went to a clinic two hours away for privacy. It really wasn't that bad. As for the pill, I had a natural miscarriage many years ago, and yes it was difficult. I was seventeen, and went through it totally alone. If I didn't have someone to drive me there and back yesterday, I would have taken the pill instead, though. You will be okay, and at least it will be private, if that is a concern. Make sure you have pain pills, and a heating pad helps.

please make sure someone is with you at home when you have taken it, to look after you. goodluck x

The pill is painful. You feel like your having the worst cramps of your life or like gas cramps if you've ever felt those. Despite the pain it's easier to do it that way in my opinion because you get to do it at home... Privately. You should really have someone there to take care of you though because, depending on your pain tolerance, you won't be able to get up and do things for yourself. I needed help to do just about everything. And yes the process is messy/bloody. And in with the blood also comes tissue so be prepared for that :( emotionally and physically. I wish you the best of luck, honey.

Hey caitygirl. You commented on my post earlier. I have a friend who had a "pill" abortion and she said it was very painful. She bled a lot. I am trying to use her was horrible. This is not an easy decision but you can survive it. :) No matter what happens it is going to be ok. I can promise you that. I know that is a pretty bold statement. But you have to say it to yourself. Don't be strong...cry, scream, shout. Don't be afraid of the pain of the pill. It isn't anywhere near the pain you would experience from childbirth. It isn't your time and that is ok. One day you will be ready and it will be magical. Good luck. I hope this helps.