No Regrets

I had an abortion yesterday. I chose a surgical abortion rather than a medical (pill) one. I was scared and upset right up to it. Once it was over, I was okay, and relieved that it was done. I have no regrets, and it was not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be. I am feeling alright both physically and emotionally. This was the right choice for us.
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I chose a surgical abortion because I wanted it done and over with. I had sedation during it, but was awake. I had a miscarriage a long time ago, and did not want that experience again. I just could not fathom taking the pill one day, and the next day having four pills dissolve in my cheeks the next day. Right before I had the abortion, I was told that I might need to have the dissolving pills anyway. I said no way, I just can't do it! (I have an aversion/phobia to throwing up) The next person said that was ok, I didn't have to put anything in my mouth. I had the abortion, and it is over with. It has been two weeks now, and I am back to normal, with no problems. Hope this helps you.

Can I ask why you chose to go with the surgical abortion verses the pill? I am calling the doctors this week and I am not sure which one to go with.

I dont regret for one second aborting I'm poor and cant even take care of myself much less a kid. <br />
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I highly doubt I'll ever regret having an abortion. My kids are 21 and 16, and there's no way I want or need another child. I will probably get a tubal ligation or my husband will get a vasectomy in the near future.

"Congrats on the success"??? I wish you all the best, too, but that cannot include congratulating you for the successful abortion of your child. That you feel no regrets one day after the procedure is probably meaningless. You have the rest of your life to deal with this decision. When the regrets come along, as I suspect they will, look up Rachel's Vineyard.

I'm happy to hear that everything went alright. I know that it's a very big deal and makes both partners involved go through a lot mentally. Make sure you talk about it if you need to, if not with him then at least with someone. But congrats on the success, and i really sincerely wish you all the best.