All I Wanted Was A Moment To Talk

Well. I'm newly 18, and I have seemed to have gotten myself into a mess. Two days ago I took a hpt and to my surprise, I was pregnent. I have no one to talk too, and I guess you could say I'm a bit lost.. 

The father is my ex of 3 years-my highschool sweetheart you could say. Since we have broke up we continued to have sex, my logic: it was the only thing that kept us close. I always thought he would be there for me when I needed my surprise again, I was wrong. When I broke the news at first he was excepting-reinsurring me Id be ok, and whatever I needed he'd be there.. Well, within 24hrs he decided to make a 180 on me. Claiming theres no way it could be his, and that I lied. (as you can imagine what im going through already and now he says this?) ..Well instead of yelling, I decided to meet up with him, take another test to prove I was indeed pregnent. When I showed him he couldnt speak. Tears just came to his eyes and as fast as they came-they left. He shrugged off his feeling once again denying the fact that it could be his. -Now I'm in shock, and heartbroken. I tried explaining to him that if I was not 110% sure i would not have said anything to him or bothered him with it. My crying, and pleading meant nothing.

After that was all said and done we had talked once more, first him calming down, then him right back at it...."it can't be!" "you're lieing" I never asked him for money for an abortion, or once made it seems as though I did this to try and get him back. I understand its hard for him to take and he hasn't had time to think but, from here until my appt should I still include him? Do I not talk to him anymore? Do I forgive him? I'm so lost..

Since I was 13 I counted on him to be my rock, my support. And I can't tell whether it's time to forget that and realize it was fiction, or that he is just as upset. Either way, Im focusing on what I need to do... I wish I could have some support however. I feel horrible for having to do this but my situation right now calls for it. Is there anyone who can lend some kind words...

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Honey, Cut him loose! If this is how he treats you in your hour of need, how would he treat your child? In my view a man doesn't have the right to make the choice. In my eyes this jerk should not have any control over your actions or thoughts. He gave all that up the moment he turned on you. You have done nothing wrong and yet he treats you like you did. <br />
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with that said, You are traveling the hard road by choosing to terminate. Do you have a girl friend that you trust? I got tomorrow for my abortion and found great comfort when i talked to two of my friends about it. I felt so scared to tell them at first. but once I did i realized that A- i was making the right choice, B- i couldn't do this on my own(which was my first instinct). you did a good thing by coming to this website. I found great support here. I am very confident with my choice to terminate. we are lucky to live in a time where a woman has a right to choose. I have always wanted to adopt rather than bring a child in to this world. I feel there are so many children that need a home and love that I couldn't dare bring another life in to this world. which is one reason why I am pro-choice. The pregnancy is no ones fault, despite what that boy says. I say "boy" cause a real man would have stuck by you. <br />
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You must focus on what is best for you. think of your future. weigh what you will be missing if you have the baby, what you will gain if you do. I am just getting back on my feet after a long battle with depression. I know that I am not prepared for a child and know that I have plans in my future that i really want to complete that i could not if i had the child. abortion is the best answer for my circumstances right now. Write a pro/con list. Do not forget your body is full of hormones right now. As a woman you know how crazy they can make you. I was having trouble with sorting out logic from emotion. which is why i suggest the pro/con list. <br />
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i am here for you if you need someone to talk with. everyone woman in this group came here for support. Whether it be for additional support to friends/family or whether because you can not turn to others in life for support. Just shot me a message if you need to talk. Support always come from familiar places and from strange places. it may be hard to ask, but relief comes the instant you do ask for it. I hope this helped.