The Date Is Set

I found out this week that I am indeed pregnant.  I had a suspision for two weeks now.  After my period did not show up,  I took the test.  The box said to wait 1-3 minutes, but it took a mere 5 seconds for the positive result to show.  I had already been thinking about what to do since my first suspision.  The logic side of me knows that now is not the time for motherhood. I have always had the view that I didn't want to bring a child in to this world.  I want to adopt a child.  Give that child a chance at life.  In my life right now, I am barely employeed, barely making ends meet and can barely deal with the boughts of depression I go through.  How could I take care of another human if I can barely take care of myself.  I have also been on certain medications that are classified as dangerous to 1st trimester pregnancies.  The logic side of me says OMG what if the embryo is all ready defected?  What if the child will be born with disabiblities?  How would I then deal with the added burden of a special needs child?

Then yesterday the emotional side got to me.  I have two friends that are  pregnant too.  I see their facebook post of not being able to wait to see their baby in febuaray.  All i could think was that I wouldn't be seeing my child in feburary.  Hormones can be a *****.  The thought crushed me.  Even through the tears i still knew I had to do what I had to do.  I set the date for this up coming tuesday.  I have a true supportive friend that will be with me through the entire process.  Support is how I will get through this.  Knowing that there will be a child one day that will be mine will also help.  Right now is not the time.  Right now I realize that the future is the time.  Right now I sit and wait.

Thanks for listening more to come on tuesday
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Thanks for all the comments, even from the pro-life people. I made the good decision to talk to a few good girl friends. i feel much better with my choice now. Especially with the support I have gotten from this forum.<br />
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pro-life people- <br />
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i understand where you come from. I was raised as pro-life, but made my own opinions when i was old enough to create them. I do not take this choice lightly. I do not look at this abortion as "the easy way out". In fact I feel this choice is the hardest route to go. I know that when my "due date" comes I will have a hard time. I even went as far as to visit my 3 week old new born cousin this weekend. Hold her in my arms made me realize that yes I am making the right choice. I do appreciate your comments, and thank you so much for being kind and informative with your comments. I see some pro-life comments on here that are harsh and down right rude. I just want to thank you for being human with your comments.<br />
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To everyone else.... THANK YOU! I know that even though you are a face via the web, that you are a good line of support for me. That support does make a world of difference!

my boyfriend and i had a falling out and he got another girl pregnant and she's keeping it and then we got back together before knowing.. and then i was pregnant..but i had an abortion last night. it's hard because now i have to think "will he think better of her becasue she kept his child and i didnt?" it's hard and i know what you're going through..but everyone has reason why to do it and why not to do it and you just have to have faith in yourself that you made the right decision for you. Other opportunities will come up for you to have a child when you're ready. Stay strong and positive!

Good luck for tuesday and take all the support you can get because it will help. I never got any support but I just supported my friend and I can tell you she's dealing with it alot better than I did. I want you to know that in years to come you will still hurt, but I am Pro-Choice, and if you feel this is the right decision and you have the support then know that if you ever need someone to talk to (who understands and has been through it) there are many people on here that I'm sure will be willing to help.<br />
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Stay strong. =)

Good luck to you on Tuesday. You'll be o.k.!

btw the abortionists always try to sway you to have a surgical. more money in the surgeons pocket. they really tried hard to not have me just take the damn pill

please dont get a surgical. get the pill. ive taken it twice and it basically causes your body to miscarry by not producing a hormone. you must be under eight weeks to do this while its still just an embryo and not yet a fetus

Before I comment, I want you to know upfront that I am a pro-life male. You may decide to ignore my comment after that initial statement, but I hope you continue to read. I also want to let you know that I am not a judgemental person, and I understand why someone in your situation would choose to have an abortion. But, I would like to provide some information, not to try to sway your opinion or change your decision, but to let you make the most informed decision. <br />
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First of all, I want you to know that I agree with the argument that no one should be allowed to tell someone what they should do with their body. If you want to mutilate your own body with tattoos, piercings, other forms of self ex<x>pression, I support every move you make. It is you body and you should do with it what you wish. But, I hope that most thinking people would understand that when you are talking about an unwanted pregnancy, you are talking about the life of another human being who happens to be living inside your body for a short period of time until they can come outside. <br />
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The legal cutoff time for an abortion is arbitrary. It is set at a time when doctors believe that a fetus cannot live on its own outside of the mother. Our abortion laws are based on timelines that are contrived from opinions of when a fetus is considered viable and able to survive on its own. In my opinion... and this is just my opinion... The thought of viability should be considered. The practice of "infant exposure," which was practiced by ancient Roman, Greek, and other societies. Unwanted children who had infirmities, who were born of the "wrong" sex, or who would cause financial hardship on the family, were allowed to be "abandoned" to the elements. Sometimes, the abandoned children were "rescued" by other families who wished to raise a slave child. The only difference I see in the practice of "abortion" and "infant exposure" is that with abortion, the child can be terminated up to the 20th week of gestation, whereas infant exposure extended the termination period until sometime after the child was born. With either practice, it is done for the convenience of the adults, with total disregard for the wellbeing, or the rights, of the infant.<br />
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Thank you for your comments.