All Set, All Ready

I just got back the grocery store.  I believe that I have everything that I might need for the next coming days.  My abortion is scheduled for tomorrow morning at  9 am.  I feel getting food, supplies and doing some light cleaning is keeping my mind busy.  i had some talks with some great friends and feel at ease with my choice.  Not to mention the support I have been getting via this website.    Everyone is so understanding and non-judgmental.  I even started a Harry Potter marathon. I know it is not for everyone, but always puts a smile on my face.  I feel i am more nervous about just getting things done with.  That may not sound right to some.  At this point I am very confident in my choice.

I had the opportunity to finally meet my 3 week old baby cousin yesterday.  I had a lot of reservations about holding her in my arms.  Thinking that it might sway my decision, or make me irrupt in to tears.  The opposite happened.  No emotions, no tears, just comfirmation that I have made the right choice.  holding that little precious girl in my arms i knew that i couldnt  be a parent.  I knew that i would be bringing another child in this world that would not have a chance at a full life.  not to mention that my dr feels there is already damage to the fetus. 

I plan on making some soup and getting a long hot bath before i turn in for an early night.  I feel good right now, confident in myself.  don't dare think that is easy for me, becuase it is not.  but you do what you have to do in life.  I am only using strength that i have gained from other life tramas to deal with this trama. 

thanks for listening.
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Thank you so much!!! i'm all dressed and waiting for my ride. This is exactly what i needed before my abortion:) It is so great to know that I have your support in addition to my two friends that will be with me today. It really makes all the difference, as you know! I will talk to you later:) Thanks!

i wrote back to you on my post, but i wanted to commend you for your strength to make this decision and be sure about it. so many people have an abortion and are never really sure if they made the right decision. i know with my decision, it was right because i am not emotionally, physically, mentally, financially ready to have a child and i am merely a child myself. but you will be okay! make sure you have someone with you that will comfort you, having someone there with you whom you trust, makes the whole process so much more easy. and if it helps, im here for support. it's a hard decision to go through, and you can never have enough support!