4 Weeks

So I am at 4 weeks now. My new date is scheduled for Friday august 6th to get the pills. The problem now is I don't have anyone to watch over me after I take the second set of pills at home. Is it that important to have someone be with me to make sure everything goes smoothly? Or can I just do it on my own? My boyfriend can't be there for me and there really isn't anyone I can ask if I could do this at there place. If the pills are unsafe to do alone i might just have to get the surgical and hope they could get me in soon. Can the places that do it surgically usually get people in on short notice?
MadDonna MadDonna
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thanks for your advice and support caitygirl!

I could've done it without my best friend being there. But every body is different. Your pain and cramps and bleeding could be less extravagant or more extravagant then another person. It is helpful to have someone there to get you this and that because you're not going to like the feeling of laying down and then getting up, and hopefully you can guess why. but it's up to you and what you think you can handle. the doctor does reccomend for you to have someone to watch over you just in case something does happen and you need someone to transport you to the hosptial (it is rare for that to happen but you never know)!