Did anyone else have complications with even getting the abortion started? Planned Parenthood still won't do it, since no one is sure whether or not they can see it when they did the ultrasounds. I think it's just because i'm really early. But they think it could be ectopic. But I haven't really has any signs. People get abortions early in their pregnancy all the time don't they? It's not uncommon. I have to go back to the er tomorrow to get more blood work to make sure my pregnancy hormone is going up. Then we go from there I guess. The ER referred me to 2 other places since I have no insurance and one trip to the ER with ultra sounds and blood work is already going to cost me a fortune. I contacted those places, one of them didn't even help people unless the are insured and the other place said they wouldn't check me out unless I was going to go through them throughout my entire pregnancy. So now I go back to the ER in the morning to get more blood work done. Hopefully this will be enough information for planned parenthood to just let me do it already. Did any of you have these problems? I should be concerned it could be ectopic, I guess I am maybe a little bit. But I really don't feel that's the case. I think i'm just really early, why don't they just know that as well. It's just getting ridiculous because the longer they make me wait the harder it is for me.
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they still won't let me do it. not until they see it. myy boyfriends a complete ******* and wont be around for the next 2 weeks. now i have to wait because i can't do it alone.

update. went and got more blood work today. my numbers went way up. i am scheduled for friday to get the pill. i'm nervous and scared but ready.