hi i am thinking about getting an abortion the nurse at the clinic says im 8 wks now but i know im a little less because she counted from my last cycle rather than when i had intercourse. Well i have 3 children already  and  i know i wont be able to care properly for another child. I have never ever had an abortion before and i really need someone to talk or chat with to help ease my mind about this...The father is willing to come with me and pay for it but hes taking so long to get the money im scared hes gonna wait to late. Well can anyone let me know how the procedure went and the effects were after i know everyones body is different but id like to know something before jumping into this...thank you
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thanks everyone for your comments but today i had my abortion and i was preparing myself for the physical pain of it all and didnt realize there would be emotiional issues..i feel bad about it all i could think about when they were walking out the room was thats my baby..i cant take it back but i will say i wouldnt do it again because of the emotional side im sure over time it will get better but its only been a few hours...

I have two beautiful children a supportive husband, I love my life. My husband and I both have said a number of times that we are done having kids. I found out I was pregnant on tuesday, went to the clinic on thursday and had a medication abortion. The emotional toll that it has taken on me has been the hardest part of all. I look at my two kids and wonder did I do the right thing? I am 35 years old and was 5 weeks 1 day pregnant gestation. My heart is filled with guilt and sadness. This hell I have been going through is not worth it. If I would of known it would tear me up like this I think i would of reconsidered my desicion. I never thought I would ever be in this position to make this choice, but my husband and I were careless and knew in our hearts that emotionally, physically, and financally we were in know place to have a third child. If I would of known I would of feel the way I feel today, sunday, I honestly don't think I would of done it.

I used to be one to say don't do it don't do it and if you asked me now i would still say not to but ultimately it is your decision. I had mine and to this day i totally regret it. Even if you can't care for the child look into other options. I was forced into mine and i regret it and hate myself for it everyday... After the procedure you feel a lot of cramping but it's nothing too bad.... it's the feelings you have afterwards in yourself that eat you apart. I don't advise anyone of having it done but ultimately it is your decision and you know whether or not you can handle another child or what happens after the procedure. from my personal experience.... I'd never ever do it again. it doesn't hurt physically... but it kills emotionally... at least it did and continues to for me.

you have at least another 12 weeks to get the money together. In some states you can have an abortion up to 26 weeks. i just had my abortion on tues, i was 17 weeks and 5 days. I can say that no matter where you go you will have supportive nurses and doctors. the worse part now is dealing with tender breast. I feel more emotional now than i did before the abortion. If you want to talk some more feel free to email me here on the website. All the women here, who have had an abortion, are here to support each other. pay no attention to the first commentor, she obviously has never been in your shoes and can not offer any type of support or proper advice. Hope this helps! remember we are all here for you:)

There is nothing really to be scared about apart from the emotional side. I had an abortion when I was 30. There was no pain involved and the nausia I was suffering went away immediately which was a relief. The downside was bleeding for a few weeks afterwards and having to use pads instead of tampons. It can also affect your hormones so be concious of any changes in your moods and realise they are due to this. I was unfortunate and had no real support at the time so I got very depressed.<br />
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I hope you find the funds in time if this is what you trully want. I'm not sure why someone like the person above is posting in this group when they are so obviously anti-abortion.

Oh PLEASE don't do this....there's only wrong that could come from this, and it's a decision you'll have to live with forever. I'm not judging anyone at all, just saying there's scars that cant really go away and this is so serious and a forever type decision. Why not do adoption?