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I just wanted to post something:

To all the women in this group who have gone through an abortion or who have one planned-

 I found a website that is totally devoted to help women heal after their abortions.  It is a true miracle, and do not normally deal in miracles.  Please email me on thru this site if you wish to know that website address.  I do not want to post it, cause i do not wish for any one who wishes to bash us to find it.  we all know how cruel and terrible they can be.  So please i urge you, if you are truly having problems with coping and do not have anyone you feel you can turn to email me here and i will give you the address.  The website has truly helped me in the past 24 hours.  

I leave you now with love and courage!  keep our heads high and together we can break the stigmah that comes with abortion.  Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable!!!

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No offense, but i am not doing god's work. And i really am not looking to start a war. I am doing what I feel i need to do as a good person. These women need help, support and love as they heal. It makes me feel good knowing i can reach out and help others. I am just not a religious person. I do not hate how religion can bring people together and bring out the best in them. I just do'nt have the type of faith that is required to believe there is a god, heaven or hell. Spirituality is one thing, but I am very science ba<x>sed that is all. but i will say if that is what you want to call me doing, I have no problem at all with. we all have our own views, and i could never fault anyone for truly believing in what they believe in. but i do thank you for your kind words.