1st Pregnancy At 36

And i'm going to abort. I've had a ROUGH past 10 years, which I won't go into detail about. I'm married, and this was an oops. DH & I never wanted kids before, but now, we're just not ready. He's been out of work for a year, i'm working on my masters and just bought a horse. We make it work on $35K  a year right now. I have NO family, and his mother is a schitzophrenic, and we live in the country, so DH would have to quit school. We just cannot do it right now. I just needed a year to live my dream, and i'm finally, finally doing it. I feel like a ja***ss, but yet I don't .  We want to have kids when we are ready, which will be in about a year or two.
morgana7430 morgana7430
Aug 11, 2010