Actually Two...

The first time I had an abortion was the legal type, the fetus had not developed and transformed itself in to a little ball of calcium in my uterus.
Second time I was 12 weeks. I was getting separated from the baby's father and I was already a single mom, the dad was a extreme evangelic and was to much in to God and religion, he prohibited me to go out of the house or to go back to university or to take contraceptive pills. I didn't want this child to be raised in such diffrent spaces. And I didn't want this child to be educated in the horrible and narrow minded fathers family.

I do not regret this desition, I just thought of what was best for this child and for me.
Darat Darat
26-30, F
4 Responses Oct 12, 2010

Luckly for me @SuperPanda I do not believe in your god.

@SuperPanda that doesn't change my mind or make me regret it thanks anyway

@CuriousSgt I've been pregnant 4 times. #1 is my son Ben who is 8 years old now and #4 is my new born son Illi who is 4 months old. <br />
I will not have an abortion again unless pregnancy comes with risk for me. <br />
I think having my life in danger would be an excellent excuse :P

I must say that you bring up an excellent point! Most people forget that giving/providing life is a decision for a woman. You want the best for your child, and having lived your share you know when it is appropriate or inappropriate to introduce a life. I think a lot of people forget or ignore the fact that just because one is brought into this world does not guarantee them a happy life, or even potential for happiness. I get where you're coming from, and have immense respect for your decision. Life is tough.