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Don't Judge

You people who hated me for having an abortion should not have said anything to me.  You're entitled to an opinion but that never gave you the right to yell at me and call me "evil" and a "murderer".   You probably genuinely hated me and you didn't even know me.  You had no idea how I felt, you have no idea what led me to my decision, you know nothing about me so what do you think gave you the right to judge me, personally?  And isn't it a little ironic that you said I should die because (you thought) I was killing a baby?  
yoyy yoyy 26-30, F 10 Responses Oct 25, 2010

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There are some really nasty people here that comment on others, I know how you feel well maybe not but when my now wife had a termination I was very sad and empty. I have 2 lovely children and am happy with that number, the right decision was made and we are happy with that.

hey , my name is claraah, and iim doing a project for my senior year and the topic is abortion , i was wondering if you can help by answering 2 or 3 questions, that would really help . i need to do this to be able to graduate . lookig forward to hear from you,. god bless

Oh so sorry you were affected by the anti-abortion nuts.. it is your decision to make OF COURSE, don't let it get to you.

Oh so sorry you were affected by the anti-abortion nuts.. it is your decision to make OF COURSE, don't let it get to you.

I agree they shouldn't have said anything...people say hypocritical things like that because it makes them feel better about themselves, nothing more. It doesn't make them look more moral or righteous by trying to tear you apart but they think it does.

"So Appalled" - YES! I've had it on repeat since it came out. Jay Z and Pusha T on that track, their verses

lol i could think of so many more wrong things on this site to complain about lol, people who use the internet to spread their beliefs are so annoying. personally i didnt read your story...just saw this one while browsing my home page, but personally, i believe aborting a baby is the right of the parents, nobody else. this is a debate that will never end as long as this earth is spinning, so you just have to ignore what people say about your choices and focus on what is best for you

lol you've just reminded of the song "Amazing" by Kanye, but the story reminds me of his latest song "So Appalled"

Right? That kind of stuff doesn't even make me sad. Some people's actions are just amazing.

Sounds like you got condemn by the usual self righteous, hypocritical right wing nuts...