Abortion - It Was The Right Thing For Me

Hi Everyone.

I'm hoping that I can help others who may be considering abortion or who have recently had one.

I had an abortion last friday. For me it was the right thing to do, I have no regrets, no remorse and no sadness. Some of you may think that this is a little strange however I know that I did the right thing for me and my gorgeous 6 month old boy.

I found out I was pregnant again just 3 weeks ago, whilst I do want another baby I have not long had a complicated pregnancy which was followed by an emergency C Section and infection that left me incapacitated for months. My body right now would not have coped with another child. I also want to devote myself to my son until he is more independent before I even consider another child.

We had been using contraception which unfortunately failed... I had also been suffering with agonising cramps, tiredness, sickness and a lot of pain. The doctors put this down to my body trying to self abort.

I decided the best thing for me was to have a termination. Afterall I would have needed the same procedure had I lost the child as I was too far gone to have miscarried sucessfully by myself.

The procedure itself was very quick. All of the staff were wonderful and even though it was carried out under general anesthetic I was out by 11.30am on the same day.

I won't lie I am sore, tender and in a little bit of pain, but this is to be expected.

I do want to say to others considering an abortion that whilst my story is a positive one abortion is not for everybody. I certainly would not reccomend having it done if you had even the tiniest of doubts as these doubts can come back to haunt you.

Happy to discuss with anyone considering, or with anyone who may need some balanced supprt
Mama1234 Mama1234
31-35, F
Mar 14, 2011