I Had A Second Trimester Abortion That I Regret

I found out I was pregnant back in January and, being in the situation we're in, my boyfriend and I decided that an abortion was the right thing to do since neither of us has much money or a stable place to live. We went to the clinic on a tuesday thinking I would be in and out but that wasn't the case. I had an ultrasound done and came to find out I was almost at 17 weeks instead of 10 like I figured. I wanted to start crying but I held back the tears and told them yes when they asked if I still wanted to go through with the procedure. They inserted something to make me dialate, made me an appointment for the following morning and sent me home. I swear I could feel the baby moving violently around inside me. The cramps were almost unbearable. The following day, I went back to get the abortion done. They injected a sedative, which didn't work, and finished what had started the day before. I felt everything they were doing despite the fact they gave me shots so I wouldn't. After it was over with, I was crying from pain and felt ashamed of myself for actually going through with it. Once I was allowed to leave, I cried the whole way home. I regret this decision everytime I see a pregnant woman or someone with a small baby. I was told that everything looked fine when I had another ultrasound afterwards, but I'm still scared that something went wrong and I'll never be able to get pregnant after this.
CountryChick87 CountryChick87
Mar 20, 2011