Moved Up My Appt

hi everyone i just wanted to let you all know my abortion was scheduled for the 6 and i moved it up and am going tommorow . for those of you who dont support my choice im sorry but i know this is the right thing to do and i dont think itsfair for anyone to judge anyone because you dont know what that person is going through . this is tearing me up inside . i know i am murdering my baby i am aware i dont need to be told how horrible of a person i am for doing what i am doing . those of you that support me thank you and God bless!!! i will be on tommorow after its done . God please forgive me!!! im sorry little baby !!!
mimmie35 mimmie35
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Dear Mimmie,<br />
My name is Claire, and I just happened to stumble across your post. I don't know you, or your situation and what your going through.. but tonight I will definately be thinking about you. I just had a baby girl on July 10th, and she is almost 3 months! I read your other post, about hearing your babies heartbeat, and hoping your making the right decision, and questioning if you have the strength to bring another child into this world. I pray that you listen to your heart, and natural motherly instincts. Just remember it is never to late to change your mind :). Your baby loves you, no matter what your situation is. He/she is happy inside you right now, peaceful, and thriving. Your womb is the safest, most protected environment for your beautiful baby. And you don't ever have to allow that to be violated or destroyed. I know you love your baby, and can be strong and let it have the life that it deserves. My mother almost had a late term abortion when she was 15 years old. She changed her mind at the last minute. Carried to full-term, and put her baby boy up for adoption. She said it was the best decision she ever made, that the abortion would have ruined her. In just the last 2 years she re united with her son who is now 32 years old. He has a family, one son, and one on the way! They have a great relationship and She thanks god everyday for the decision she made. It seems as though god has blessed her with a guilt-free peace of mind and satisfaction knowing her son got a chance at a great life! Just trust in God and his plan for you, and your unborn baby, who will have a purpose in this world if you choose to give him/her the most prescious and ultimate gift of life :) You might have struggles, but you would at least, gaurunteed, be spared the possibility of heart wrenching regret of a decision that can't be un-done. Praying for you and baby, and that it's not too late by the time you read this! If at anytime you just need another woman to talk to or extra support, just let me know and i'd be glad to give you my number!

You yourself knows this is what is best in your situation and thats all that matter. Those that support you are worth your time and those that don't shouldn't judge you because they don't know your situation. Stay strong hun and send me a message if ya need anything! Thoughts and prayers with you as always!

thanks , i will write you tommorow afternoon or evening and let you know how it went . i gotta drive 2 hours there and then 2 hours back and the appt is at 9am and i dont know how long i will be there . thank you so much i feel like your an old true friend i can really talk to . you have helped me through alot and from the bottom of my heart ....i thank you for that !!