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i have had 2 abortions... i would have carried to term had i not been strung out on cocaine! i just want to die, because now my little sister has a beautiful child and i have noone!
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Imagine all of the physical & emotional pain that you saved your baby from. You shouldn't feel bad. You did the right thing at that time. I'm sorry you're sad but remember you can always have a child when you meet a man that will be a good father. Its worth the wait. Your kids will be glad you didn't have them carelessly. Btw most pregnancys end by either not implanting or by misscarrying. Life is a crapshoot. What you did is no different than if you never got pregnant. Your fetus/embryos never knew they existed, did not think nor feel as they had no neocortex. Please forgive yourself. You deserve it.

I have no children either although we tried for many years, my sister has two lovely grown up children, i had an abortion too, so i know how you feel, bless you., you have my sympathy.

My sister was the same. strung out and 8months pregnant... she died giving birth and i now have custody of the baby (hes happy, healthy and about to be 6months old)
get help please

Kudos to you for recognizing the harm that your addiction could have caused your baby. You need to take care of YOU before you can take on the responsibility of parenthood. I wish the best for you and thank you for sharing your story!

whether it's your sister or anyone else, you cannot want what others have - you made a responsible decision in the midst of an irresponsible time in your life. you have to become happy with what you are and have now, despite of what those around you are doing or have. if you want something in life, like to be a parent, just make it a goal and work toward it - life is full of second (and third and fourth and so on) chances if you let yourself move on. be happy in the present.

When you're ready you will give up the cocaine and it'll be great. Be proud of yourself for recognizing that the time just isn't right yet.

Okay, a time will come in your life when you feel 'ready' to have a child, A child deserves love & the best you can provide for it.. <br />
Don't be upset that you have no one, Be happy that you are waiting for the right time & you will have your own baby.<br />
Life's full of different turns.. I hope yours comes soon x

I didn't want to abort in case it was my partner's only chance to have a child ( he has a disease which lowers his count) but he assured me we are making the right decision, it's the wrong time, and when it is the right time if natural doesn't work , there's plenty of homeless kids out there...

I was a meth addict, I understand how you feel and where you are at. I hope that you have beat your addiction and are on your way to a healthy lifestyle. What you have to think of is the quality of life that the babies would have had, I feel if I would have gone full term that my child would have had severe health problems that would have greatly affected his quality of life. Do not beat yourself up, you made the best decision for you at the time. I am currently dealing with the fact that my boyfriend that pretty much told me to have an abortion has a new baby girl, something that I may never be able to have, but I know no matter what there is always a chance. Find grace within yourself and know that your future holds many great secrets that will bring joy to your life.

I hope that now you are a piont in your life where you can bring achild into the world, Im sure it was ahard lesson to learn, bless you.

You had them because it was not the right time in your life and bring in a baby on coke would not be a good thing. You are a good person and you should think less for the decision you made. you can always have...