Just Kill The Kid I Have Enough Problems

My girlfriend told me she was pregant and asked me what to do, so I told her to kill the baby. I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life slaving when I should be going to college and having a decent life. I'm not sure if she was really pregnant. I'll never know. I thought maybe we'd take it a little more seriously if it was serious. But who knows, maybe she wasn't kidding. I didn't really take her seriously. It's not the first murder on my hands anyways. That was about a year earlier. But it has nothing to do with abortions. I'm not sure how she may have killed the baby. Nor am I really sure whose baby it was. I was willing for a few seconds to take care of it and start a life with her, no matter whose baby it was. But hey. Maybe she wanted attention or something. G-d I should have believed her. It's funny now, knowing I'm going to be judged and that G-d's plan is all messed up too. At least I'm not going down alone.
WhoisChaff WhoisChaff
Jan 31, 2012