My Surgical Abortion Story

I had a surgical abortion this morning. Upon my decision to have an abortion I went online to read stories to decide which procedure (medical or surgical) I wanted and to share my story in case someone else out there is looking for information like I was.

I set up my initial appointment at my cities local clinic the day I tested positive on a home pregnancy test. My first appointment was the next day. I went in first thing when they opened. The receptionist was kind and warm, and gave me a clipboard with several sheets to fill out. (Name, age, date of last period, health, allergies, etc.) They assign you a number and call you by that so your real name is never used in front of other patients. After that they call you back and you pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. They stick your finger and take a small blood sample, and weigh you. From there you go into a room where the doctor will perform an ultrasound to determine how far along you are. Sometimes (as it was in my case) they had to do a vaginal ultrasound because I was so early in my pregnancy. It isn't painful, just mildly uncomfortable. A routine pap smear is more uncomfortable. They will ask you if you want to see your ultrasound or not. The nurses and doctor I had were all very kind and helpful. After your ultrasound, you will have to watch a video about the procedure you chose and a counselor will answer any and all questions you have. After this, you make your next appointment and are free to leave. The clinic where I had my procedure has a mandatory 24 hour waiting period after your initial visit before they perform an abortion.

I opted to have the mild sedative (which I highly suggest you take) so I had to take someone to drive me home the day of my abortion. On this day I was again the first patient of the day. (I suggest making your appointments as early as they allow...waiting time is almost non-existent.) I was called back and went over some final paperwork with the counselor. After that they tell you to pee (just to empty your bladder). And then you're taken to the room where your procedure will be performed. You undress from the waist down and get on the table just like you do with a routine gyno visit and your previous ultrasound. The doctor and nurse will come in and administer the sedative via a vein in your arm. (I had demerol.) You'll begin to feel the calming affects of the drug immediately. It doesn't knock you out, it only serves to relax you and it makes you a little drowsy. Then the doctor will begin the abortion. My doctor talked me through each step and the nurse held my hand and offered encouraging words throughout the entire procedure. First the doctor inserts the speculum (the exact instrument used during a pap smear). Then he will give you a numbing shot directly in your cervix. I barely noticed the shot. After that, he will begin to dilate your cervix. This is the most uncomfortable step. I'll be honest, it hurts. It feels like very heavy menstrual cramps. But it's brief. Soon you'll hear the aspiration machine turn on. At this point you'll know you're almost done. You feel this part, but it's it's really not even that noticeable. You feel it, but really no pain. This part takes maybe a minute. And then you're done. The doctor removes the speculum, and the nurse will slowly help you sit up and then stand. She helped me put my panties and jeans back on and walked me to a room with a big recliner. She hooked up a blood pressure cuff on my arm and came to check on me every few minutes. They monitored my BP for about 30 minutes and then sent me to the bathroom to check my bleeding. It was light and I was cleared to go home with my packet of birth control, antibiotics, directions for post-abortion care, and an emergency number to contact someone from the clinic 24/7. At home I experienced a little spotting, very mild cramping, a feeling like I had to pee even though I didn't. I laid down and slept off the demerol for several hours.

It really wasn't that traumatic of a procedure. And I recommend having the surgical procedure with light sedation. I'm relieved it's over and I'm ready to get my life back to normal. Hope this helps someone.

Edit: A week after.
It has been a week since my abortion. I'm beginning to feel like my old self again. My boobs are back to their normal size, and almost not sore at all. All of my other pregnancy symptoms disappeared within 24 hours of the procedure. I've had mild spotting since about 4 days after the procedure, and some cramping. Nothing too bad. I'm done with my round of antibiotics, and started back taking my birth control this past Sunday. (Although I'm looking into something more permanent since my pills failed me last time.) I still do not regret my decision at all. If anything, I feel even more relieved! :)
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I feel like this is a really weird question to ask, and it comes across as quite vain but I really would like to know if, in your experience, a surgical abortion has stretched your vagina permanently or not?

Just as a pap smear won't stretch your vaginal either will a surgical abortion as the speculum is the same tool used in both.

That's great that you don't regret! I don't regret mine either.

I am glad you posted this very accurate, professional account of what the procedure is like. This kind of unbiased information is rare and very much needed.

thank you so much for your comment which lead me to this story.<br />
i feel so much better.<br />
and i do have this feeling that i just want it out of me, and i will be much relieved after.<br />
and then i can move on and have a child on MY terms.

I'm so glad that my story comforted you. I replied to your inbox message. Hope that helps! :)

Sure, Rosai, I'd love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have! Please feel free to contact me.<br />
<br />
Tomorrow will be a week since my abortion and I can now give you a run down on what to expect (although everyone is different) after your procedure. <br />
<br />
I hope to hear from you! And anyone else that would like to talk:)

thank you for that you have no idea how much better your story has made me feel. your the first honest story i feel iv read. It feels like everything ells is just trying to make me feel horable. i hope you wright back id realy like to talk to you if youd like