Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Too See U In My Dreams .

I swear idk what too do . This thing has me hurting soo bad . I wanna take bak what I did but I can't because my bbys gone . I used to look forward too sleeping Cus I would dream about my Bby . But now I don't . It's been months since I've had a dream about him. N now I hate going to sleep. Cus as soon as lay my head down I cry myself to sleep .im so tired n I just wanna sleep but I can't because my head is always running running running thinking about my Bby. Thinking about that abortion the mistake I can never take bak. I just wanna sleep in peace :,,( not be teased knowing if I close my eyes I won't dream of my Bby :,,( <3
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no i dont have anyone to talk to.. only the ppl on here. n i do hve lots n lots or problems but the probem is not knowing how to fix them.

If you have sex and get pregnant you will either A: have a baby, or B: have an abortion. It's up to you to decide whats best. If you're having this much pain over an abortion, it sounds like you may have some other problems going on in your life. Do you have anyone you can talk to?