The Right Decision For Me

I am a 24 year old independent, confident and happy woman. I live in Hobart Tasmania and last year a month after my 24th birthday I had an abortion. I have been in a happy loving relationship with my partner for a year and a half and we now live together. We had been together just over 6 months when I realised I was pregnant. I knew straight away that I was not ready to have a child. I have always wanted children-still do-but I knew that I was in no position emotionally or financially to bring a child into this world. I told my partner instantly when I knew I was pregnant and I had never seen him more shocked. We had been using contraception and it had quite obviously failed. I was over 4 weeks when I did the test. In the next few weeks my life and conversations with my close friends and partner were heavily dominated by my pregnancy and each time I came to te same conclusion-I was not ready; it was and is my body and at the end of the day my decision. I rang and made an appointment with my gp who confirmed and I asked him about an abortion. He was a middle aged man who was my family doctor and he was incredibly professional-alas if a little uniformed of my options on where to have the procedure. I found a place more by personal research and rang and made an appointment to have my abortion. I say MY because I own this-I own the decision I made and I stand by it. I was just just over 10 weeks when I had the surgery done. I went under general anaesthesia. To the doctors and nurses who all treated me, this is my heartfelt thank you for your professionalism and kindness. I was nervous before-as most people are before and surgery, and the nurses who held my hand and me feel safe and smiled and talked me through the whole event. To my best friend who came with me and was there when I woke up afterwards. To my boyfriend who stood by me and we are still together-I love you. I felt no pain afterwards, I was tired for a couple of days and was back at work two days after. I did not have an emotional fall, I felt relief when everything was over. Abortion is a choice and a right. We do not live in an age where women should be shunned or condemned for making to choices concerning their body. I find it appalling that abortion is so often thrown about in the political arena. There will always be people who disagree, who will shout and judge. For me, living in a small city that is often seen as backwards, I received incredible service and acceptance. It was the right decision for me and I do not regret it at all. One day I will have a beautiful child, but when I am ready.
Ellia99 Ellia99
May 11, 2012