A Positive Story

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in January 2012 and was enjoying spending time with her whilst on maternity leave. In April 2012 I was shocked to learn that I had fallen pregnant again. I was using contraception, however, this was obviously not 100% effective. Straight away I telephoned the doctor and made an appointment to discuss the pregnancy. After talking with my partner we came to the decision that it was not the right time to have a baby and that I would have a medical abortion. I cried for a full week before my medical abortion appointment. I read horror story after horror story of how painful and unhealthy it was to have this procedure done. The day I went to the clinic to take the first tablet I was nervous. The nurse told me I may get tummy cramps/period like pains and may bleed. That morning I went straight home and waited for the signs to happen. Nothing did happen and I was absolutly fine. The following day I atended the clinic where the nurse inserted 4 tablets into my vigina and a suppository tablet into my rectum. This was not painful just uncomfortable. The nurse told my that I needed to go straight home as I may start to get diarrhea, servere tummy pain and heavy bleeding where I may pass clots the size of the palm of my hand. At home I put my night clothes on and climbed into bed with a hot water bottle waiting for the pain to start. After 2 hours I needed the toilet where I passed many clots, this was not painful. I had a small amount of backache but nothing to the extreme of what I had read previously on internet abortion pill reviews. I was advised to drink plenty fluids as this would encourage the clots to pass quickly.The bleeding was heavy and I was changing my pad every hour for 4 days. Clots would often fallout whilst i was in the shower but I had no servere tummy pain. Two weeks later I attending the clinic to check if I had passed the pregnancy, I had but the scan showed that I still had some clots. I must now return to the clinic in 4 weeks to check if the clots have gone. Hope this helps anybody thinking about having a medical abortion.
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You wouldn't know it by reading online, but medical abortions are actually safer than giving birth. I'm glad yours went well and you're doing fine.