I Was Only A Teen

hi all i was very easly led when i was a teen i first had a sexual relationship when i was 13 i'm 30 now an i only had sex as i got laughed at because i was the only virgin so i suppose i done what i was expected to do and altho i had a long relationship whith this guy he made me pregnant at 13 i was lucky to have very supportive perants around me who i could talk to and had a abortion but it sent me off the rails even though it was the right choice i started drinking and hanging out with the wrong crowed and fell pregnant at the adge of 14 and had a heartbreaking time of a another abortion but this was harder so my mom and dad moved me away to a better place and i grew up and now have a daughter who is my life and the babies i never had are my unkown angels
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Thanks for sharing your story. Am sorry you have to go through that but am happy for u that it has now turned out well.