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Three months ago i had an abortion, most life-shaking experience i have ever been through and something i never want to re-live again. My situation was very tough, and i just thought to myself that i would never get past this regret, this emotional pain that drags with me every single day. But, it has become easier on me than the first couple of weeks, i still remember every little thing i went through that day like a horrible scar that will never go away. I felt so empty and not myself, i knew that it was too late to go back and change everything and i knew i had done the wrong thing the moment i walked out to the waiting room. I was so emotional that day and every night on for at least a month and a half. I started seeing all of these new born's every where i would go all of a sudden, and it hurt me so bad that i couldn't be a mother to my child and i just felt so guilty and thinking to myself "that would have been me right now". But as of now i have so much support and having people you love there for you is honestly so helpful. Having my partner here for me is very helpful as well, and even though he does not truly understand what it feels like he is here for me in any way he can help and sometimes all you need is somewhere there that you can express what you are feeling. I find myself in a better mental state now, i try not to bring about all the negatives on myself on what i have done, i just have moved on from all the guilt and tried to get on with life. This situation should not be taken lightly, every person is different and it will take a toll on someone differently too. If anybody comes across my story that is struggling or simply needs to talk i am here for you and i will not judge you, every one has their reasons.
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If you want, you can try going to a pregnancy resource center for help. They offer free resources including financial aid, adoption options, and counseling to post abortive women who are struggling.

I honestly had the same exact thoughts as you, i wished there was no such thing as an abortion. I want you to know that you need to make sure you truly want to go through with this, do not let anyone tell you different for this is NOT their decision at all, make sure it is what you want. As for pain, every place is different and every person is different, for me they drugged to where i was numb and light-headed and only felt a pinch here and there, right after i felt bad pains on my way home but i took my pain pills right away and fell asleep. I had no other pain and bleeding after that nor did i feel any sickness. You will experience the feeling of still being pregnant for 2-4 weeks. I hope you figure out whats best for you, and my thoughts are with you. If you have any questions or want to talk at anytime feel free.

I'm considering an abortion I'm very scared but I feel I have no choice it's a very long story but the father does not want it and calls me a selfish *****. I never thought I would b having an abortion but here I am going to call the clinic tomorrow never thought this would be me. I know ill regret it but there is many reasons this has to happen just wish it didn't. Is an abortion scary does it hurt. Where u sik after it? This is so awful sometimes I wish abortion was illegal so I didn't have to go through this oh well whatever will be will be