Making A Choice

I had an abortion about 4 weeks ago. I still feel the pain of it when I wake up in the morning and go to bed. There's a big hole in my heart, one that wishes maybe I should have kept it. I know I have to keep telling myself I did the best thing for me, the father was my ex. He got me pregnant and he cheated on his girlfriend. She didn't even leave him. At first he wanted me to have it the he changed his mind, gave me a 500 dollar check and hasn't talked to me since. I remember being in the nurses office and about to change my mind. I guess I had to make a choice. I won't regret it, I just feel bad and sad for not having my baby.
Dowhatihave2 Dowhatihave2
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I had my abortion 4 wks ago also it's destroyed me but the clock doesnt stop.. we gotta pick ourselves up and move forward life can only get better.

Hi there, I guess most of us here did what we think is the best but yet lived with guilt and remorse. I did mine a week ago and since then I've been wishing I hadnt done it. But I also know that if I had kept it, I will probably be still having my fears and worrying if I had made the right choice. Both of us need to move on. Learn from our mistake so as not to put ourselves in the same situation and move on. God bless.